ROUSH Performance Parts
ROUSH Performance Parts
The Phase 1 ROUSHcharger provides a great foundation that offers high performance at a great value. This kit is the most popular kit in the Phased ROUSHcharger line up, offering performance and protection in one simple package.

The Phase 2 ROUSHcharger builds upon the Phase 1 charger and adds more horsepower and torque to an already stout supercharger system.

Finally, the Phase 3 ROUSHcharger, available exclusively for 5.0L Mustangs, is ROUSH’s most powerful and performance-driven supercharger. ROUSH didn’t stop the enhancements of the Phase 3 charger with just more power, we added more protection to the kit with additional parts.
The concept of Phased ROUSHchargers is simple: buy in at your preferred base level and build up power at a later time with upgrade kits. Phased ROUSHchargers are available in multiple power levels, designed to fit your performance and budgetary needs.

To maximize the performance of any supercharger system, you must have a highly refined calibration. Consequently, ROUSH provides the most highly-refined calibrations in the supercharger market, resulting in industry-leading reliability, performance, and engine durability across the gamut of environmental and load conditions. No other competitive system comes close.

Suspension Systems
ROUSH suspension kits are thoroughly engineered and tested to the highest performance standards. Each upgrade package has been painstakingly designed to enhance the unique and subtle balance characteristics of the intended vehicle. Developed by some of the top chassis engineers in the industry, our suspension kits have been developed via hundreds of hours of testing and thousands of miles on both the street and racetracks across the country.

Exhaust Kits
ROUSH exhaust kits are designed not only to enhance the sound of your vehicle, but also to augment the horsepower and efficiency of your engine. This is in part achieved with mandrel tube bending, which minimizes any decreased airflow through pipe bends. This method allows for a significant increase in flow over stock/crushed-bent pipes. Due to this increased efficiency, both latent power and fuel efficiency are realized. In addition, ROUSH exhausts are made from high-quality steel for overall quality and longevity. A ROUSH exhaust system should be on your “must add” list of parts.

Body Kits
ROUSH body components add sleek and aggressive styling to your vehicle while providing the highest level of quality. The materials used in these components are carefully selected for superior appearance, longevity, reduced weight, heat resistance and impact resistance. Furthermore, ROUSH body parts are designed using OEM CAD data, ensuring that the pieces will fit on your car quickly and easily, in most cases using existing hardware locations to minimize drilling. This is in stark contrast to body parts from our competitors that often require trimming and sanding in order to get them to fit properly. These ROUSH kits also come with all required hardware and select components are available pre-painted in Ford factory colors or unpainted if you prefer a custom job.

Every ROUSH brake package is extensively engineered and tested by ROUSH’s own performance engineers to provide optimum stopping performance for your vehicle. ROUSH brake parts are certified over many hours on the track as well as the street. Rather than simply providing the best quality brake available, ROUSH takes its development a step further by finely tuning its brake offerings to the specific application as part of a whole system. The benefit of this approach is that ROUSH brake parts work seamlessly with the other dynamic aspects of your car.

Give your vehicle sleek and aggressive styling with ROUSH wheels. Simply put, they can make your car look fast even when it’s standing still. The wheels in this unique line are designed and built to OE-level quality standards while increasing performance. In addition, ROUSH wheels work as part of a balanced system with other ROUSH part kits, such as the suspension and braking products, to provide an optimized balance between handling and braking.

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