Ford Co-Pilot360

What is Ford Co-Pilot360™ Technology?

In an increasingly crowded and distracted world, we can all use more confidence on the road. Introducing a suite of features to help keep you in command, from the driveway to the highway.

Features availability varies by vehicle.

It’s Technology That’s There to Help You.

BLIS® w/ Cross-Traffic Alert

How many times have you tensed up during an attempted lane change on a busy freeway? With BLIS®, you won’t have to bother your passenger with “Can I get over?” This feature can help detect and alert you to vehicles in your blind spot, while Cross-Traffic Alert can detect traffic behind you when you’re slowly backing out of a parking spot of driveway.

Lane-Keeping System

The Lane-Keeping System can help you stay in your lane even during a moment of distraction. This smart feature scans your vehicles position between the lines in the road ahead and can alert you if you’re starting to edge out of your lane. After you’ve drifted a few times you’ll see a coffee cup icon, letting you know it’s time to take a break.

Pre-Collision Assist with AEB

This feature scans the road ahead and can alert you to potential collisions with vehicles or pedestrians detected in your path. If an impact becomes imminent and you don’t take corrective action, the brakes can apply automatically. But don’t worry – they’ll only activate if they’re needed.

Auto High-Beam Headlamps

Auto High-Beam Headlamps can sense poor lighting conditions and switch on to light your path ahead. They can even sense oncoming headlights and dim automatically, so you don’t have to worry about blinding other drivers. They can help you keep your focus on the road – and both hands on the wheel.

Active Park Assist 2.0

Parking made easy – even in tight parallel or reverse perpendicular spots. When engaged, it can help locate a potential spot. Then all you have to do is brake to a complete stop, shift into Neutral and hold down the Active Park Assist button – your vehicle does the rest.

Intelligent Cruise Control

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control includes features like Speed Sign Recognition, Stop-and-Go and Lane Centering. The system can detect and automatically adjust to speed limit signs along your route, and it can also bring the vehicle to a stop if traffic ahead has stopped or slowed. The Lane Centering feature even scans lane markings to help you keep your vehicle centered between the lines.

Rear View Camera

Between glancing in the rearview mirror and craning your neck, backing up requires a little multitasking. So we help make it easier. The rear view camera may not be an extra set of eyes, but it does provide a great view of what’s behind your vehicle. Just make sure to keep the camera lens free of debris (like snow or dust) and you can navigate Reverse with more confidence.

BLIS® with Trailer Coverage

It’s rush hour on the interstate. You’re towing a boat. And you need to change lanes. If this situation sounds daunting, it usually is. But available BLIS with Trailer Coverage can help ease lane-change anxiety–even with a trailer in tow. It can alert you not only when a vehicle is spotted in your blind spot, but also when one is alongside the trailer.

Blue Cruise

Let’s face it. We all want to feel more confident and in command on the road. Available BlueCruise is a new technology that builds upon available Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Sop-and-GO, Lane Centering and Speed Sign Recognition. It allows the driver to operate their vehicle hands-free while being monitored by a drive-facing camera to make sure you’re keeping your eyes on the road. This feature is compatible on prequalified sections of divided highways called Hands-Free Blue Zones that make up over 100, 00 miles of North American roads. Coming late 2021.