Seasonal Detailing Packages

Protect your investment with a Winter Preparation Detailing Package from the team at Listowel Ford’s Reconditioning Center!

Listowel Ford Reconditioning Center Winter Preparation Packages

It’s important to protect your car from the onslaught of winter. Road salt and grime naturally hold moisture and can vastly accelerate the aging of the surface of your vehicle. The Listowel Ford Reconditioning Center wants to help YOU protect your investment with several Winter Prep Detailing Packages to get your ride ready for winter! Check out our great packages below!

If your car, truck, or SUV is in need of the works, we offer significant discounts if you combine two, or all three of the below packages! Get the FULL package on any SUV or truck for just $399, or on a car or small SUV for only $379. The FULL package includes ALL THREE of the packages below! You can also combine any two of the discounted packages below for an additional 10% off.

Winter Exterior Preparation Package


(Regularly $199.00)

This package gives your vehicle’s exterior the ultimate protection against snow and moisture. It includes our comprehensive hand wash system, single session of clay work for an ultra-smooth surface, as well as a two-step application of our specially formulated Sealant Wax to enhance the depth of the paint, and to maximize the resistance to fading, industrial contaminants, pollutants, water stain, mud, and impurities. This package also cleans brake dust and grime from wheels and treats tires with an oil-free, pH neutral dressing!

Winter Interior Preparation Package


(Regularly $179.00)

This package gives your vehicle’s interior increased protection against snow and salt stains. It includes a complete interior detail along with a fabric protectant treatment. Fabric Guard protective coating repels dirt, liquids, and stains from fabric. The sprayable protectant and repellant micro-bonds to fabric fibers to shield against spills and stains. Fabric Guard uses hydrophobic technology to repel water and liquids on carpet, upholstery, seats, door panels, and other fabric surfaces. (Existing stain removal is available for an extracost, depending on the type and size of the stain)

Drip-less Oil


For Small SUV’s and Cars


For Small SUV’s and Trucks

Drip-less Oil rust proofing is an advanced treatment, offering superior results by leaving the protection where it should be, on your vehicle. The dripless oil is applied with a high-pressure system that is sprayed in all panels inside and out. The car is then hoisted and the spray is applied to the under-body of the vehicle. Oiling your car also lubricates dry mechanisms, thereby increasing the performance and longevity of your vehicle parts.


Please remove all loose belongings before bringing your vehicle in for detailing packages (Child seats, valuables, etc)

Prices subject to change depending on vehicle condition – Please speak to your advisor if you have questions.

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